Ethical Hair: How can I achieve it?

These days we have so many options with our hair, which colour, length, style should you choose? Balayage, babylights, face frame or root shadow? These choices help contribute to our all-important image, how the world perceives you.  We’re experts here at Mane, to help you find the right look for your lifestyle and assist with supporting your style through choosing the correct at home hair care products. We also have so many options with our products, those that smell lush, and those that look beautiful in our bathrooms, and contain no sulphates or parabens so that they’re gentle on our largest organ, our skin.

Here at Mane, everything has been selected and tested in the most meticulous fashion, we understand that as consumers, we can make powerful environmentally focused statements through what we purchase. We purchase for the salon, the best low- chem, organic and naturally based, cruelty free hair colour that is available on the market to use on your hair. Never compromising on the quality of product performance in your hair.  Our colours are bright, shiny and cover grey hair,

We have been excited to recently launch a refillable shampoo and conditioner that contains organic and biodynamic ingredients. To reward our clients in their environmental choices we discount 20% from each refill, with each refill into the amber glass bottles saving plastic from entering our environment.

Come into the salon for a complimentary consult and recommendation of products that are custom picked for you and your hair needs.

Eliza Steele